Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
        Object-Oriented Programming is one of the major courses for undergraduate students of computer science and technology majors. This course is an integral part of computer science education, it can provide a theoretical basis for other courses, at the same time, make students have a deep understanding of programming method.
        This course uses the C++ programming language as a descriptive tool, comprehensively introduces the basic method, implementation mechanism, specific programming techniques of object-oriented, including the basic concepts of object-oriented, such as classes and objects, association and aggregation, inheritance and derived classes, virtual functions, polymorphism, etc, also including the related ideas and methods of object-oriented software design and development, such as software reuse, design patterns, refactoring, etc. Through the study of this course, students can master the basic object-oriented ideas and software development methods, facilitate future learning of object-oriented software technology and other object-oriented programming language.
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