J2EE(Java 2 Enterprise Edition)是建立在Java 2平台上的企业级应用的解决方案。J2EE技术的基础便是Java 2平台,不但有J2SE平台的所有功能,同时还提供了对EJB,Servlet,JSP,XML等技术的全面支持,其最终目标是成为一个支持企业级应用开发的体系结构,简化企业解决方案的开发,部署和管理等复杂问题。事实上,J2EE已经成为企业级开发的工业标准和首选平台。
        本课程讲述J2EE的核心技术,主要包括web开发背景知识,j2ee架构,servlet,JSP, javabean。同时,也将讲解与本课程相关的开发工具与服务器,包括myeclipse,tomcat。完成课程后,学生应该能够运用所学知识开发和部署用J2EE技术实现的企业级Web应用。
《J2EE Program Design》Introduction
        J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) is one kind of enterprise application solutions which based on the Java 2 platform. J2EE technology’s basis is the Java 2 Platform, the platform not only has all the features of J2SE platform, and also provides EJB, Servlet, JSP, XML and other technology support. The ultimate goal is to become a development architecture that can support enterprise-class application and simplify the complex issues in enterprise solutions such as development, deployment, management. In fact, J2EE has become the industry standard and the preferred platform for enterprise development.
This course covers the core J2EE technologies, including web development background, j2ee framework, servlet, JSP, javabean. Also explain the development tools and servers that related to the course, including myeclipse, tomcat. After completion of the course, students should be able to apply the knowledge to develop and deploy enterprise-class Web applications wiht J2EE technology.
        This course will teach in the computer room, it will take 48 hours, students can practice while teacher is teaching. Prerequisite to: java programming and computer networks.
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