《SQL Server数据库技术》课程介绍

        本课程以SQL Server2000等若干流行的小型/商用数据库平台为例,主要内容包括:深入学习SQL以及过程化SQL编程;理解和学习数据库设计的基本方法;深入理解权限控制、并发控制和事务处理的内涵和应用;了解和学习使用常见语言进行数据库程序设计的方式;初步了解数据库系统的结构和管理方法。
Introduction to the course“Applied Technology of DBMS”
        Database management system (DBMS) is large-scale software which can manipulate and manage databases. It can also facilitate users to define and manipulate data, maintain the security and integrity of data, and the concurrency control and database recovery under multi-user circumstances.
        The course “Applied Technology of DBMS” is an important database course for the senior undergraduates majoring in computer science and technology and related. The course aims at teaching students to learn the principle and application of DBMS, master applied techniques, develop and maintain database application systems in preparation for future work.
In this course, we utilize several popular commercial DBMSs, such as SQL Server2000. The main content of this course is to learn SQL and procedural-extension SQL deeply, master basic methods of database design, understand principle and application of privilege control, concurrency control and transaction processing, grasp modes of programming database application using popular languages and understand the architecture and management of DBMS.
        This course will be taught in the first semester of the fourth academic year in 48 hours, including 16 experiment hours. Its prerequisite course is “Database Principle”.
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